Review: We are legion (We are Bob)

One of my favorite content creators Max Landis once said "If you are a writer and you don't read, you aren't writing, you are masturbating!" A sentiment I whole-heartedly agree with. While I don't read as much anymore as I used to, I still make an effort to exchange some gaming- or netflix-time (hell sometimes even some writing-time) for the occasional book.

In order to create some content on this page in between my thoughts on writing, shortstories and updates towards my projects I shall add the occasional book review.

"We are legion (We are Bob)" was recommended to me by a colleague as it tackles similar motives to "The Foreign Effect", in that it explores the whole separating your mind from your body topic.

The book was pitched to me as "The hero gets killed early on and wakes up some odd 100 years later as the OS of a space probe." and to be honest my immediate reaction was along the lines of "Oh surely, that will keep me interested for three full novels." - if you don't know yet, I can be an entitled little dickhead sometimes. My colleague reassured me however that this might strike my fancy and since that colleague on another occasion had also recommended to me the Dresden Files - a series I came to adore and appreciate a lot - I was willing to indulge in the first novel of the Bobiverse ...

Well to be fair I indulged in the second novel "For we are many" since my colleague mixed up the titles and I couldn't be bothered to read amazon descriptions. When I figured out that I had just bought the second novel, I ordered the first one as well and was pretty much committed at that point.

So open up the book and here we go ... and I was pretty much into it after the first couple of pages. So often contemporary Sci-Fi is a very pessimistic and bleak approach to worldbuilding and character behavior (and yes, I am guilty of that as well). Taylor however crafts an optimistic and nerdy in all the right ways protagonist in Bob Johansson that approaches the hand he's been dealt with genuine joy and enthusiasm for science and space. I can't help but get the impression, that the author himself is a science geek as the references to actual science in the book are always slightly above technobabble but never venture into exhausting actual science.

The book is a joy to read through and the pace is a brisk one. There is barely any downtime and the author crafts his fiction in a smart way so that the reader never looses track of the individual bits and Bobs (huehuehue). 

Worth mentioning however is that by now (halfway into the second Bobiverse novel) it becomes clear that the trilogy isn't so much three independent novels held together by a common theme, but an ongoing narrative arc over all three books. The first novel doesn't so much come to a close as that the action simply ends and pics up at the beginning of the second novel. So if you pick up the first book and actually like it, be aware that you probably have just committed to the full trilogy.

If I peaked your interest and you want to pick up "We are legion (We are Bob)" maybe use the affiliate links in this post and don't forget to check back here latest start of May to learn everything on where and how to pick up "The Foreign Effect".