New page in time for release!

Well I figured I might be doing quite some "PR" stuff for the release of The Foreign Effect (read as: excuse to smartass repeatedly about me, my stuff and things I have opinions about).

So to not butcher my gaming blog even more (if you are still interested you can have a look as well) I thought it might be a good idea to get some sort of online portfolio going which will list all my writing stuff and give me an excuse to spam about narrative. 

I know what you are thinking. "Dude writes one book and opens a page", but first of all: shut up! and second of all: Second book is already in the works and coming along nicely. While I do not have the illusion that my writing will allow me to live off of it, crafting fiction is a hobby I'd like to pursue further. Publishing The Foreign Effect already taught me so much and without a doubt will continue to teach me even more going forward (talking about marketing, PR, sales etc.).

At some point when I am through with everything I plan to write a retrospective on the whole process that is The Foreign Effect, but for now I am still busy preparing the soft-cover release as well as the ebook which will follow eventually.

In terms of non-finished writing, the first draft of my new novel is coming along quite well and I am looking forward to get it wrapped up and gather initial feedback from a couple of trusted sources. I decided to put my larger fantasy project on hold for the time being, since I feel like the new novel, workingtitle: SciFi-2, is easier to manage right now. I will come back to the big fantasy project though eventually.

So that is that. Some interesting weeks lie ahead of us.