The Foreign Effect now available on Amazon ... sort of

Hi guys,

in the ongoing struggle that is the release of The Foreign Effect on Amazon I have good news for you ... sort of. At least on, and you can now purchase my Sci-Fi thriller. As for why it is "out of stock" on pretty much any other Amazon page (especially ... as this is probably my core market), your guess is as good as mine. I have contacted Lulu (my books on demand service) about it, but as of now, haven't heard back from them. Good thing this whole book release thing wasn't something I was banking on making money off, otherwise I'd be royally screwed by now.

I will keep you guys up to date if/when anything changes though. For now, if you're in the US in UK or in France, feel free to pick up The Foreign Effect and if you like it (hell, even if you do not like it), maybe leave a review on the amazon listing of your choice.

To make this blog post a bit longer let me give you a quick rundown of what else is happening in the world of "Words and Stories" on my part.

I've been both in a creative low and high at the same time recently.
There are a tons of ideas that I keep exploring and I can't complain about my written output (currently somewhere between 50-100 pages a week), but at the same time it is hard to focus on a single project. I thought I had that whole novel-writing figured out after successfully finishing my first one but boy, was I wrong.

There are so many stories I'd like to tell, and once I sit down to map them out I run into one thing or another that bothers me enough to hit a dead end.

The only thing I was able to complete in the last couple of weeks and months was a fucked-up adaptation of an equally fucked-up source material. So now I not only have to smarten up on the legality of releasing an adaptation (be it an inofficial one) but, if this thing will ever see the light of day, I'll probably release it under a pseudonym as I don't want the thing itself tied to my real name. Don't worry, it is not porn or anything, but it is a very dark and very bleak thriller that carries a message that I am not really comfortable with putting my name  on. On the other hand I am too fascinated by the underlying tones to let it go ... writer problems I guess.

All I know at this point is that I want my next book to be "official" novel length (aka a minimum of 42k words) to be at least able to shop it around "proper" publishers first. The problem with The Foreign Effect was, that its relative short length stopped me from sending it to traditional publishers in the first place.

I am also currently in the process of turning what I initially thought would be my next Sci-Fi novel into a shortstory and try to get that one published - more on that once it actually happens though.

So yeah ... if you are eager for my next piece, it might be a while off as I struggle to wrap my head around things.

Talk to you guys later!